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Munich presents a lot of festivals, events, exhibitions, and conferences in every season. Not all of these events take place at the same time every year, so you should inform yourself from the press, by colleagues or simply by visiting the tourist office.

For music festivals, concerts, theatre and opera schedules, look in the bimonthly magazine “In München”, or the monthly magazine “Prinz”.

A monthly calendar of events can be bought at various newsstands or be downloaded here (German only).


  • Concert of Trumpets on New Year's at the tower of Alter Peter (near Marienplatz) at midday
  • Indoor football Tournament in the Olympiahalle


  • Carnival: a lot of different events (balls and parties)
  • Faschingsdienstag: music and dance between Marienplatz and Stachus, traditional dance of the women of the market (Marktweiber) at 10 a.m.
  • Aschermittwoch: washing of moneybags at the Fischbrunnen (Marienplatz)
  • Holiday on ice: Olympiahalle


  • “Starkbierzeit” (time of strong beer) at Nockherberg. Third and fourth week before Easter.
  • IHM international trade conference
  • Ballet weeks at Nationaltheater (Tel.: 21 85 91 20)
  • Forstenrieder Run


  • Auer Dult starts on Saturday before the first of May. (Three times per year, also in July and October) for one week at Mariahilfsplatz (Tel.: 2 33 03 33)
  • Frühlingsfest (little beer festival) at Theresienwiese for two weeks at the end of April. At the first Saturday of this festival there is also a huge flea market!
  • “München Biennale” Festival at the new music theatre
  • Walpurgisnacht in the night 30.4 to 1.5. Most young people have parties in the streets. Doors of the gardens will be opened, streets will be blockaded and a lot of other hoax will be done. So be careful and lock your car or bike...
  • Quarter festival of Fürstenried


  • Maibockzeit strong beer in spring time
  • BMW-Open big tennis tournament at the tennis courts at Iphitos, München-Freimann
  • Union move: Techno move at the Leopoldstraße (little one in comparison to the Love Parade in Berlin)
  • Blade-night, a ride for inline-skater each monday evening, from the beginning of Mai to september (blade-night, and more informations here).


  • Tollwood Summer Festival at Olympiapark for 16 days, (more informations
  • Open air cinema at Westpark / Seebühne in June, July and August, see also here
  • Quarter festival of Großhadern (every quarter has this festival but at different times) takes place in front of the Underground station Klinikum Großhadern at Ascension Day
  • Feast of Corpus Christi in the city center at the second Thursday after Pentecost
  • Foundation of the City-Celebration mid of June between Marienplatz and Odeonsplatz
  • International film festival in the last June week in special cinemas and at Gasteig (Tel: 381 90 40)
  • Littel O (little October festival) at Perlacher Forst (“old” MacGrow barracks)


  • Kocherball at Chinesischer Turm / Englischer Garten at 6 am (!!) Cooks and staff in the kitchen, servants and regnancy people appear in traditional clothing and there is dancing the whole day
  • Auer Dult at Mariahilfsplatz around 25th of July
  • Opera Festival Tickets are really expensive (except for students) and almost impossible to get. (Tel.: 21 85 01)
  • Open Air (musicals, concerts and cinema) at Königsplatz
  • Happy family festival at Theresienwiese in the beginning of July
  • City run


  • Summerfestival at Olympiapark starts in the middle of August for eleven days. At the beginning and at the end there are fireworks.


  • Oktoberfest (big beer festival): The biggest beer festival in the world taking place at the Theresienwiese for 16 days ( It is opened on the third weekend in September with a parade at 11 a.m. and with the tapping of the first beer keg: “O'zapft is” (it's tapped)
  • Compaq Grand Slam Cup at Olympiahalle


  • Auer Dult at Mariahilfsplatz on the third Saturday in October
  • Medienmarathon: Marathon


  • 6-Tage-Rennen at “Olympiahalle”: A lot of amusement, food and poor bikers doing round after round


  • Christmas markets:

Most districts of the town have their own Christmas market e.g.:Between Marienplatz and Stachus,Schwabinger Christkindlsmarkt at Münchner Freiheit,Tollwood ( at the Theresienwiese, which is kind of an alternative Christmas market

  • Stars at the manege at Circus Krone at 25th of December to herald the playtime in winter time.
  • Sylvester run

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