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Here you will find some informations about : where and what to buy, and different useful services

Generally shops are open until 8 pm and they are closed on Sundays. Lots of exceptions exist. Petrol stations, shops in train stations and at the airport have longer trading hours.

VAT (“MwSt.”) of 19% is already reflected in the price of most goods and services.

Importants supermarkets

  • Tengelmann, Rewe, HL, AEZ, Mini Mal (higher quality)
  • Penny, Plus, Lidl, Aldi (lower prices)
  • Bigger departments stores are Walmart, Real, Hit, Interspar, Eurospar
  • Dallmayr, Käfer (Delicatessen)

International food stores

  • American: G&A Grocery store (Baaderstr. 65; Tel.: 201 70 31)
  • Asian: Orient Shop (Rosenheimerstr.; Tel.: 448 52 51), Mai Ling (Westenriederstr. 6; Tel.: 29 40 11)
  • Australian: Australian Shop (Dachauerstr. 109; 18 60 51)
  • British: Pomeroy & Winterbottom (Reichenbachstr. 38; Tel.: 201 69 01), English Connection (Knorrstr. 6; Tel.: 356 52 356)
  • Japanese: Japan Shop (Westenriederstr. 47; Tel.: 22 66 63)

Also the huge department stores (like "Kaufhof", "Karstadt", "Hertie") often have supermarkets in their basements, with high quality international food, unfortunately to high prices.


You can also find a lot of markets in and around Munich. The most famous and biggest one is for sure the “Viktualienmarkt” near Marienplatz. Another one is the “Elisabethmarkt” at Elisabethplatz. You can also find weekly ones (with a big variety of goods, fresh fruits, eggs, flowers, bread...), e.g. Wednesday afternoon in the Heiglhofstraße near the underground station “Grosshadern” or Thusdays to Saturdays “Sendlinger Markt” near “Harras”.

International pharmacy

Ludwigs-Apotheke (Neuhauserstr. 11)


  • Standard local or European letter up to 20g: 0,55 €
  • Standard international letter up to 20g: 1,53 €
  • Standard sized postcard for local or European post: 0,45 €
  • Standard sized postcard for international pose: 1,02 €

Lost Property Office

Kreisverwaltungsreferat (Arnulfstr.3; Tel.: 1285859)


There are a lot of furniture-outlets around Munich, but to go there you often have to take a car.

  • IKEA (
  • Segmüller (
  • Hiendl
  • Einrichtungshaus Karstadt: Theresienhöhe
  • Hoch's Trödelhaus, Schwanthalerstr. 86/Rgb; Tel. (089) 53 25 33 (Antique till rummage, period furniture and “normal” furniture second hand, huge second hand boutique, auctioning of a household)
  • Gebrauchtwarenhaus: Diakonia Landshuter Allee 38; Tel. (089) 12 15 95 43; (Furniture, used washing machines, fridges, entertainment electronics, free delivery)
  • Haus & Heim Riesenfeldstr. 76a; Tel (089) 35 95 914
  • Weißer Rabe Landsberger Str. 444; Tel. (089) 88 94 93-0
  • Arbeiterwohlfahrt-Kreisverban Munich Stadt e.V.Möbellager Schwanseestr. 14; Tel (089) 14 00 22 95S1 (second hand furniture and more)
  • Anderwerk GmbH Chance Projekt Andersmöbel Schatzbogen 54; Tel (089) 45 10 40 22; (second hand furniture)


In case you are interested in fleamarkets there are also quite a lot in and around Munich. Fleamarkets will take place at frequent intervals, mainly in the summer time. More detailed information can be found in the magazine “In Munich” ( or by calling 233-1. Some locations are between Hackerbrücke and Donnersberger Brücke, in Wirtshaus am Hart, Sudetendeutsche Straße, Münchner Freiheit, Olympiagelände, at the old airport Riem and Aschauerstraße (and a lot more).

Media/Electronics : Web sites of big well known shops

Sports items

  • Sport Scheck
  • Sport Schuster
  • Kaufhof
  • Karstadt, Karstadt Sport
  • Hertie
  • Intersport

Books/ Newspapers

  • Bookshelf Library (online). This is Munich's only English library is run on a community project basis, therefore the opening hours are variable. Most local libraries will stock at least a small selection of English books.
  • Anglia English Bookshop (Schellingstr. 3; Tel.: 283642)
  • International Press Shop at the Central Station
  • Words Worth (Schellingstr. 21a; Tel.: 2809141)
  • Hugendubel (good selection of books in foreign languages)

“Munich Found” is a monthly published English Magazine providing very useful information for foreigners.


Most video clubs stock a least a small selection of English videos

  • Münchner Filmpassage (Zweibrückenstraße 8; Tel: 29 62 17)
  • Mediathek Spotlight (Tel.: 326 26 260)
  • English Video Film Club Munich (Tel.: 542 0542)
  • Video Connection (Nymphenburger Str. near CINEMA)

Radio frequencies

  • M94,5: 94,5 MHz and 92,4 MHz
  • Radio Gong: 96,3 MHz
  • Radio Energy: 93,3 MHz
  • Bayern 3: 98,5 MHz

Weather forecast

Munich experiences a classic four-season climate. Winters are cold, snowfall is common, but heavy snowfall is rare. Spring and autumn are both mild, summers are fairly warm. You can consult the weather report on line : for example here, here, here or here.

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